Bonus Slots

Bonus slots offer some unique opportunities to vary the basic strategies.


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Bonus Slots Frequency

On average free spins or another bonus round will occur within 150 bets… on some machines the average is 126, and some 175… The exact number is not important as the bonus will almost never occur at its exact average. They don’t occur every 150 spins, but in tens of thousands of spins it will happen on the average.

Bonus Slot Machines Strategy

One way to try to take advantage of this is to determine a minimum, average and maximum bet size based on your bankroll. Using the accepted standard of dividing a bankroll into 200 to 250, an average bet could be .40 or .50 for a $100 deposit. We’ll use .50 for this example. So, minimum bet .25, average bet .50 and maximum bet .75 (not withstanding playing with profits which we’ll address later).

I’ll want to start playing at my minimum bet. I’ll do somewhere around 100 spins, knowing that on average the feature will occur about every 150 spins. Now it could show up on my first spin… what harm is there in that, it’s still a win! And it may not happen in hundreds of spins, but the longer it takes (assuming some respectable sustaining smaller wins along the way) the better it will be!

Now, if the feature hasn’t occurred by a hundred spins or so I’ll increase my wager to .50 for another fifty spins. Free spins now with a multiplier or a decent bonus round based on my total wager for that spin could easily put me ‘over the top’ and into profit territory.

If I haven’t seen a feature or it didn’t pay much… less than $30-$50 I’ll increase my bet to maximum, or .75. The machine is not due to hit, but right now the law of averages are on my side, and I am betting my maximum.

Depending on my remaining bankroll (how many returns I’ve had a long the way) I’ll remain at this level for at least 25 spins and maybe more… I’ll choose an arbitrary ‘cut-off’ point or floor and not roll below that… something like $30.

Statistically I should have hit the feature by now, I’ve spun 175-200 times, and on average the feature occurs every 150 spins or there about.

If no feature has come up, I will return to my minimum bet size and may even recalculate my minimum, average, and maximum wager in hopes of staying in the game longer enough to hit.

Anytime in the process that I get 75-100x my wager returned, either from line wins or a feature, I’ll return to my minimum bet and start over. A session can be lengthened considerably by recalculating bet size based on my current balance, and of course a low variance game will make for a longer session overall, where as a high variance game will give a shorter session, whether to ruin or to profit.

Bonus Slots Profit Play

Playing with profits; there are two distinct schools of thought on this. One says to quit while you’re ahead and that is sound advice; the law of averages tells me I won’t hit the feature again for some time and the law of diminishing returns – playing against the house edge – tells me I will eventually spend all of the money. The other says that because slots are completely random, the next big line win or feature could happen at any time.

If I’m going to play with a profit, that’s exactly what I’ll do, not chase after an elusive win with my original deposit. If I’m up 20% or so, right then I’ll go into the cashier and cash out my original deposit. I’ll also ask them to ‘flush’ it or waive the reverse withdrawal period. Many casinos keep your money available to you for 24-48 hours to allow you to change your mind before they actually process the withdrawal. If I am not of iron will (and honestly how many of us are when we feel we’re on a winning streak?) I want that money made unavailable to me, and I only want to play with ‘their money’. Now, win or lose I can take some chances I wouldn’t take with my hard earned deposit!

I could repeat the process by dividing my current balance by 200 or 250 and bet pennies on fewer lines. Or I could go for the gusto and spin it off in a couple of ‘Hail Mary’ plays looking for a crushing win. I usually do something in between, Hoping to extend my play and get another good cash out.
Now can also be a good time to switch to a progressive machine, what would be better than putting ‘their money’ into a slot and taking down half a million dollars or more? Not much.

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