Highest Payout Slot Machines

To find the best slot machine for a particular session there are a few things to consider. You’ll want to know the payout percentage for that slot; this can be very hard to determine at most casinos. One option would be to contact customer service and ask. At some casinos this information is available in the ‘help’ menu from within the game. Most casinos only offer overall payout percentages; these can be seen at a Microgaming casino by clicking on the eCogra seal at the bottom of the page.

The next thing you’ll want to determine is the variance, or volatility of the game. This can be divined to some degree by studying the pay table. On a classic or three reel slot, the paytable is right there on the slot, for video and bonus slots you will need to click on ‘see pays’, ‘paytable’ or ‘help’ and it will bring up a screen.

As a rule of thumb, a high variance, or high risk slots will have at least 10,000 coins for the highest winning combination of symbols, and a bonus or feature round with at least 15 free spins with 3x multipliers, or a similarly sizable bonus round. It will also offer much smaller prizes for the other winning symbols, like 5000 for the second, 2500 for the third, and 1000 on down to 100 for the lowest paying combinations such as 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, etc.
Medium variance can be seen as around 7500 coin return for highest symbols, and a low variance game will have far less, as well as not as much difference between the second or third highest paying symbols and the highest.

So after researching things a bit we are either at a casino with a slots payout percentage at 96% or better, or we know the payout percentage of the particular slot we are going to play. We now know if it is a high risk slot or a low risk slot and can decide how to proceed from there.

High variance games give fewer wins, but the wins are far greater. You will either get lucky and cash out soon at a profit, or go broke. Risk = reward. This is the kind of slot to play if you’re looking for big wins.

Low variance games give many wins, but they are usually smaller. You can play a good long time on a small deposit, but may never win thousands of dollars. As the risk is lower, so are the potential rewards. These are the games to play when you want to play as long as possible and don’t mind giving up the potential of a large win.

Some will like to stick with one game throughout the session, and others like to move around a lot. New games come out all the time and some say they are ‘looser’ when they are first released; others haven’t found this to be true at all and prefer to go back to a few favorites every time they play. It’s really a personal choice as neither style has a basis in confirmable facts. The most important point is to have fun and play smart by knowing all you can about the game as well as any slots tips that are available.